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Raw Clothing Bales

Credential clothing is collected throughout affluent households by our personal fleet of trucks Credential Clothing is untouched, unopened, unsorted, and ungraded apparel in its original donated state. These donations are baled or placed within gaylord pallets to be sold.

Footwear Pallets

Contain an assortment of footwear. Men's Women and children's sneakers, Boots, Shoes and sandals are all common within a footwear pallet.

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Household Pallets

May Contain common items found around the house such as appliances, Electronics,Video games, Artwork,Tools and much more.

Toys Pallets

May contain vintage toys, Modern toys, Puzzles, Board games, Collector cards, Baby toys, Dolls and more.

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We carry a wide variety of donated bikes that are sold as is. Flat tires, Or minor repair may be needed at times.

Custome Jewelry

Is sold by the pound  there is a 10 pound minimum order required.


Plush Toys

We sell a wide variety of plush toys (stuffed animals) please contact us regarding inventory levels as this is a hot commodity item.

Sports Equipment Pallets

We carry  Golf clubs, Ice skates, Roller blades and skates and Ski material all by the pallet.

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Media Pallets

Media pallets carry a wide variety of dvds Cds and occasionally video games. These pallets are highly favored by amazon,Ebay, and other e-commerce sellers. All pallets are assorted and completely raw.

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